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We have all heard the saying that practice makes perfect.  No where is this more true than in a marriage.

Successful, fulfilling marriages don’t just happen, they take lots of effort.

Unfortunately, most of us have never been taught the basics of how to make a marriage work.

The purpose of this book is to help you practice the steps to improving your marriage.


We offer you 30 steps, one for each day of the month.

Each day concludes with a suggestion on how to apply that day’s principle to your marriage.  We call it a MARRIAGE BOOSTER.

Each day’s guidelines are short so you can read them together as a couple.   We estimate that it will take five to ten minutes to read the lesson together and do the Marriage Booster project for improving your marriage at the end of each day’s lesson. 

It is our belief that if you put these 30 principles to work over the next month, you will see significant growth in your marriage relationship.

NOTE: You may find yourself in a situation where you have major issues or conflicts in your marriage.  If so, we encourage to work through each of the 30 days, one day at a time.  While this book is not designed to help you solve those major issues, we do believe that by putting these daily principles into practice, you will significantly improve your relationship and that will give you the tools and the ability to address the major issue more effectively. It may be that only one of you can or is willing to work on these principles.  In all relationships, the only person that you can change is yourself.  Therefore, we believe that if you faithfully apply these principles over the next 30 days, you will see a difference in your relationship with your spouse.

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